Sunday, April 30, 2006


Git R' Done.

Got R Done today.

Seward park - done it a bajillion times but went the opposite way today. Ended up making the break containing Gina and Carrie. We gapped off the field by 30 seconds in the first few laps. On the back side of the course I could descend faster than them and they would pull through to the hill. Eventually I cracked though - I'm not really sure why. Maybe Gina and Carrie attacked at the same time. Next thing I know I'm 24" behind - and Suz is hot on my tail trying to bridge the gap. She ends up timing it perfectly and pulling my podium spot. She powered by me on the hill sucking all my juice out of my legs. But I managed to hold it together, dig even deeper and hold off the rest of the field. Dang. But as I'm sure the photos will show later - today was a pain game. Staying away on a solo break is a hard thing to do at Seward - so I'm told.

I'm starting to get somewhere. :)

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