Monday, July 30, 2007

Check it:

Hot from the meeting - informtion about the 2007 USAC National Championships!

USCF Board of Trustees authorized a Women's Team Pursuit event for the 2007 USAC Elite Track Nationals as emergency legislation (7/30/07). The USA Cycling Coaching staff has been informed by the UCI that a Women's Team Pursuit is being added to the 2007 UCI Track World Championship. Our USA Cycling event will be run under the new UCI rules.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I woke up Friday thinking fast thoughts and laid in bed rehearsing a smooth start and even tempo for the pursuit.

The night before, Ryan and I were headed out for a short easy spin to Magnolia and as we were going up the first hill toward Discovery Park, my rear wheel blew a spoke. It immediately threw it out of true - luckily Ryan was game to rush back to the house and pick me up in Ballard. So I walked my bike, slung over my shoulder since the rear wheel was out of commission, and walked barefoot through the locks since I had just replaced my cleats an hour earlier. I definitely got quite a few odd looks from all the tourists. I decided right then and there to take that situation and apply it toward the pursuit the following afternoon.

Anne-brit and Conan arrived at the airport just as I got picked up by Ryan so it was a mad dash to Seatac. We immediately started laughing - and didn't stop the entire time they were here! What great company.

Conan helped me with my splits. I'm such a rookie. I had no idea what real time I could do or should aim for - so when he asked me what time I wanted to do - I hesitantly replied, a 4:10. He did the calculations and told me I should do around a 33 second lap. The gun went off, I had a slower than normal start (21 seconds to the 200m) but then was able to hold 32 second laps - and start having negative splits! The bike felt good - the seat a gem - the gear perfect and the cranks were just right. I was able to wind up the last lap and held it at 30 seconds. Total time - 4:08.44. Not bad! And enough to win gold and qualify for nationals!!!!

I was so elated. Still am, actually.

Later that night we had a points race - 8x5. With two Aussies in the bunch, and several national caliber racers, the pace was high and the sprints an all out slug fest. Miraculously I managed two 1st place sprints, and one second. If only I had contested each sprint - I would have placed higher on the podium. But 3rd? I'll take that no problem! Liz, Annette and Karen all had great races too.

The next day my legs felt like garbage. We didn't get home and in bed until 2am Friday night and luckily I decided not to do the sprints. But instead of being able to sleep in, I was completely amped up. I was able to repay Rick for his incredible host housing duties in San Jose and showed him Pikes market and the Olympic Sculpture park. If you're ever in town - I'm more than happy to be a tour guide! We walked around quite a bit - and then I came home and crashed for two hours.

I rode the moto out to the track since Ab and C took all the gear earlier. The ladies had a miss n' out and scratch race to complete. Ab did awesome - bronze medalist. My legs felt trashed in the miss n' out and to save them, I just motored at the front of the group and held it steady. The surges can kill the legs sometimes! I nearly made the final - but was too tired to give it any more effort and dropped out in 4th place.

The scratch race was fast and fun - a great way to conclude the weekend. I got boxed in at the final lap - and was able to come out enough for a 5th place finish. Annette rocked it into 3rd - not a bad showing for Avanti this weekend!

Now I'm pooped and taking a serious rest week. It feels amazing to relax.

Hope you had a good weekend too!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Time to go Fast

I sat awake in bed this morning thinking about the pursuit and feeling the pain and pushing through it. It's time to go fast today - and no holding back.

More on that later....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting Ready

What a whirl wind the past couple days have been. My bro and family are in town to complete a painting project - and brought Coleman and Laurel with them. Coleman is difficult if he's not 100% occupied and has a lot of energy to burn. My mom claims he's worse than my brother was - although I don't know if I believe that. George was a holy terror and cut off my hair when we were kids.

This weekend is the FSA GP - hopefully the weather holds out. We've had the wettest July on record so far - thankfully we missed last weekend's drizzle while down in San Jose.

What's up with the Tour this year? Crazy, yo.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The sun's back

I think I watched that shoe video 5 times yesterday and every time I laughed harder and harder. Ryan and I were talking about it and we both think women understand the humor a little bit more then men, unless you're talking about a metro sexual.

So the 40k TT did some permanent damage to my soft tissue. I won't go into detail but let's just say I can barely ride right now.

We went to another awesome restaurant last night in celebration of my mom's birthday. I'd tell you which one it is but then I'd have to kill you. :) The resturant is small - but they recently expanded. We tried to go there for Ryan's birthday but they were remodeling. The meal started off with some market fresh beets, goat cheese and candied walnut salad drizzled in olive oil over a bed of mixed bitter greens. They accompanied the salad with slices of walnut bread and olive oil with infused carrots, onions and fennel. Each of us ordered a different main course - Mom had ribeye, Ryan had Duck Confit and I had scallops and shrimp. The ribeye was super tasty - with a wine reduction sauce cooked into the steak over a bed of fingerling potatoes and a side of green beans. Ryan's duck came with a cherry reduction on the side and the duck was moist and lip smacking good. My "surf and surf" came with perfectly cooked scallops (cooked on the outside but tender goodness on the inside) with a tomatilla avocado dip and fresh red salsa with huge golf prawns and a side of green beans. Yum. For desert we had a light creme delight - I forget the name. It was marshmallow in texture but light and sweet like creme brulee. They served it with a raspberry, black berry and a raspberry/orange sauce. The perfect way to finish off the meal and stuff us to the gills.

Anyone have a birthday coming up and want to go out to dinner somewhere new and exciting? I'm always game to try new food....

Monday, July 23, 2007


Good times.

Weekend Warrior

Another kick ass summer weekend in the bag.

It started Thursday - when my flight was delayed by 1/2 hour down to San Jose. Luckily Alaska Airlines only charges $50 for the bike box, and is by far the cheapest way to travel. Rick Adams, the treasurer for the Hellyer track hosted Kenny, Annette, Christie and I in their amazing Palo Alto home. Upon arrival at their house, Rick whipped up a gluten free pasta dish that was super tasty! He's the man of the household - and stayed home with their two teenage girls while his wife worked. He was definitely the host with the most. Thanks Rick and Anne!

Friday morning we woke up and assembled our bikes. We didn't have to be at the track until the later that evening so we relaxed, took naps, did the lazy biker thing in preparation.

Have I mentioned how kick ass it is to have a teammate out on the track? Especially one so experienced and competitive as Annette? She rocked the Keirin. We had some awesome national competition out there - Jennie Reed, Becky Quinn, Cari Higgins, Shelley Olds, etc.

So I worked on being aggressive all weekend - and not thinking about making a move but just doing it. It really didn't come into play until the last race - but we'll get to that.

The points race was good - 15 women signed up. I went for a point in the first sprint and then Annette, Becky and Jennie countered. They were off the front and running from the gun. Unfortunately our race was only 24 laps, with 4 sprints every 6 laps. Shelley Olds bridged the gap immediately to the lead group and contested every sprint, and winning the overall title. She's dynamite! Meanwhile, 4 of us chased and chased to try and bridge together but due to lacking horse power, they stayed away till the very end. In retrospect, I should've attempted a bridge and exerted a lot more energy quickly, versus long term effort. Oh well. Becky was 2nd, Jennie 3rd, Annette 4th, Anna Lang 5th, Mary Maroon 6th, and moi in 7th. We dropped the rest of the field after the first sprint, which made it difficult to navigate around them. Talk about a shattered field.

The following afternoon was the Miss N' Out - and I stupidly boxed myself in. I knew better too - but had bad luck. Oh well. Annette managed 5th or 6th - she was on the podium all weekend with the exception of the scratch race. Which brings me to my break through. I followed the right wheels - Jennie is always a good bet. So is Becky, but Quinny is crafty so you have to watch it and make sure you don't get your wheel taken out by inattention. Jennie on the other hand is sure and steady - and won't waver at all. Proman was drilling the pace at the beginning - shelling some of the field and setting Shelley up for a solo attack. She hammered it off the front to stay away for the win. The field really didn't chase much - and we were somewhat hovering around 3 to 2 laps to go - and which point I put in a solid attack. The timing was good - I put 5 bike lengths on the group quickly. And then I just had to hold it, but my high end got the best of me and I was nipped at the line by jennie, Anna Lang and Becky. I almost had it though! It was a huge breakthrough for me - not thinking about going - just going. I'm grinning from ear to ear.

Somebody, uh hum, Kenny, thought it would be a good idea to take the 6:30am flight the following morning in order to make our 40k state individual TT. We barely made it in time - but with 15 minutes to go, we rolled in and I was off. Not my best effort - especially considering how tracked out I've been lately - but still not bad. I managed 6th - but Michele ROCKED it with a gold medal ride of 1:01:31. What a studette! I'm so proud of her!!!

Ok- time for work.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Muffin Top

I woke up dreaming of muffins.

Then I thought second of it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rain Rain go away

It's back - and my plants are surely thankful. No worries though - it's been a while since I did an indoor roller workout and instead of having to watch the Tour on DVD I can now watch it live. Perfect!

Had an awesome track workout last night. Tamara, Christie and I worked on 2x100, 2x200 and 2x400. The last effort, the one that really counts, I poured my heart and soul into and as I approached the finish line, I could barely see straight. I had to chill out afterward and recover - nausea and thin saliva filling my mouth, heading pounding, body ready to pass out in protest. I remember just leaning over my bike and taking a few moments to recollect and convince myself I was going to live. Oh it hurts so good! I am stoked to finally workout hard again without thinking twice about my hamstring. Now it's time to get down to business in prep for nationals. Yay!

I got my new bike yesterday - STOKED!!! It's super simple and classy - one that you could hang on your wall and never lose it's charm. A few tweaks though - like getting rid of the Hairybone Fizik saddle (not so friendly on the lady parts) and some ergo roadie bars and I should be golden. I love the longer crank arms - I feel like I can get some serious leverage out of them. A few minor tweaks at the track with thanks to Woody and John and Kenny and I was up and running. Thanks guys.

I'd be curious to compare the power and speed outputs from a 165 to a 170 crank arm. Too bad my ibike crapped out on me. I didn't even use it more than a month. Apparently Alpenrose is just too bumpy for something that finicky. Actually, come to think of it, it died in Colorado Springs. Altitude? Who knows. I'm selling it. Anyone want to buy a slightly used iBike that works really really well? Ha!

Tomorrow we're off to San Jose for some more bike racing. Gotta love it! On Sunday we fly back at the butt crack of dawn for a state TT - 40k. Ouch. Should be wicked.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Colemantor

My nephew Coleman is turning 4 in October. That's my bro, George.

sprinter vs. enduro

for some reason I just can't let this one go yet.

would you rather have this?



(I wouldn't mess with a vinyl clad chicken either.)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ever now and then you come across a gem of a blog.

She blogged about this You Tube with Mario Cipollini - hopefully you speak Italian. If not, here's wynterparks synopsis:

"check out this video of Mario Cipollini being punked (the Italian version)
His mechanic is the show's accomplice and basically tells him as he is out on a training ride that his house had been broken into and his bikes stolen...including his World Champ ride. As he and his training partner continue to ride a camper van (the show's actors posing as the thieving gypsies) casually drives by and he spots his bikes.....a chase ensues and the showdown begins as Mario tries to beat down the garagey-type building they eventually escape and lock themselves and his bikes into. The show comes out and lets him know he is being punked before he kills the gypsies."

Good Morning!

It rained this morning at 4 am - and the whole city seems to be stoked about it. John in the Morning at KEXP was going on and on about how good it smelled. It cracks me up how people can't take the heat. One day of a little warmer temps and people start doing the rain dance. I can't blame them though - my plants are definitely happier. And my poor little mini aussie is much happier with the cooler temps. We had her belly shaved for some relief.

Anyways - completely different topic - lately I've been craving protein. This past weekend put my body into over drive and suddenly I found myself wanting rib eyes. Then I went to the gym on Monday and felt incredible - tempted to up my weights. The morning weigh ins fluctuate but lately they've been showing a few pounds heavier. Maybe my butt's getting bigger and my chicken leg status will disolve. Sweet. No climbing for me!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tired today

Maybe it was the 100 degree heat from yesterday and then the late night down in Tacoma celebrating Andrew's 30th - but I am pooped today! Nap time for sure.

Rode the moto in today - I forgot for a split second how fun it is.

I'm so tired I can't think of anything good to blog about. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I ran into Jill on the trail today and she said she was looking through Amara's photos and saw this one I posted above. She thought it was cool to see how intense it was before the race. To which I responded, the only thing going through my head "Get behind the motor. Get behind the motor. Get behind the motor."

Then once I did, I thought, now what???

Can you say, Lead out?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Since the weekend seemed to pass by in a blur - I am just now remembering bits and pieces of experience that I will improve me as a rider.

For instance, in the sprints, you should be checking your left shoulder more often and if you do look right, look underneath your armpit. The attacks are always going to come from someone diving down left, to utilize the banking and gain momentum. If you are caught looking right, and that person dives, then you could be wondering how you missed the move and the race. I bet there are some mind tricks you could play to keep your brain sharp - anyone have any suggestions?

Also - if you are in front, make sure you keep the follow person's front wheel pinned, especially if they are close to you, preventing them from diving down track and getting a jump on you. Sprints are interesting - I enjoy the cat and mouse game. Having the ability to make your body instantly react is a gift - and the power that comes behind it to push through the pain and pedal stroke is completely different than endurance races. I like them, I like them a lot.

I have to say I conquered a MAJOR hurdle this past week too - the Keirin. Granted I didn't win a Keirin, but I did figure out positioning much better and my confidence is improving. Miller had a great suggestion for being in the first position - by faking an attack and getting everyone excited, and then really turning on the sprint with a few hundred meters to go. I like that one - sounds like a good bluff to me. :)

I think I hear the neglected dishes calling my name.... and the mounds of laundry pilled up to the ceiling.

Oh - one more thing. I just want to say how inspirational Jimmy was this weekend. His racing is amazing - and you can tell he's digging deep and in the hurt locker, yet amazingly can recover from it and get back in the game and score points. He lapped the field, with a couple other guys, and then continued to get points for 3rd place in the points race. What a stud. And he and Super Steve-o placed 3rd in the Madison. Way to go guys!

Monday, July 09, 2007

What did you call me?

Had a fan-tabulous weekend hanging with Jimmy and Alynda and crew down in Portland. Collected some dough and definitely paid for the trip. But now it's back to the grind stone.

Check out this sweet picture Amara took in Colorado Springs:

Then I had a random compliment today that made me laugh. This guy came into the office to check out the cable in a new tenants space and needed me to let him in. I unlocked the door and he said, "I love your hair by the way. You've got this Meg Ryan look. And Meg Ryan in my standards is a super hottie. I can't believe I just said that. I hope I didn't offend you."

Nope buddy, but you did make me blush. :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

AVC - Day one

Day one, in the bag. Jimmy and Alynda are hosting me at their awesome house in the JOhn's landing area and it's really nice and quiet here. I got in around 8 last night and they had dinner ready to go when I touched down, which was awesome. Then this morning I woke up early and had a pursuit. I went out really hot - and ended up dying in the end. Now I just need to get a better feel for what I'm doing - but my fitness is starting to come back. Yay!

I ended up third in the pursuit - not bad. But that means only $10. Oh well - we still have a nice long weekend of racing ahead of us. Tomorrow brings the Keirin, Miss n Out and Points race. Fun fun and fun!

The 500m went well - 40.86 - which put me in 7th. Good points toward the omnium. :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's early -

But I can't sleep anymore. My tummy and burning inferno is working double time - and come to think of it, I didn't eat enough yesterday. Luckily the resort has a kick ass buffet that we're taking full advantage of later this morning.

But right now, it's 6 am and I can't sleep another wink. My head wouldn't stop whirling with thoughts of my racing last night and I thought I'd be productive and jot some of them down.

Position is everything. I keep imagining myself finding the right spot going into a sprint, fighting for it if need be, or coming the long hard way around over the top. But I'd prefer the right position off the bat. I'm working on it -but still need to fine tune and become consistent. Good thing I have another chance this weekend at Alpenrose.

I'm starving! Time to rummage something to eat...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Between thundershowers, hail storms, Tornado warnings...

Somewhere in between all of the mayhem, I actually got to do some racing today! Yesterday we were completely rained out and told to evacuate the track for fear of a severe thunderstorm ripping through the Springs. In a way I was thankful - but that meant putting all of the racing stacked into today.

The keirin went much better for me today - I didn't get DQ'd. Yay! And I pulled the number one position, again, of course, and managed to get on the motor in the first 1/4 lap! Success! I was so concentrated on that I kind of paniced - now what? I lead the entire race out - and Carrie Higgins made a sweet move over the top and advanced to the final. Monique Sullivan, a bad ass Canadian young girl, placed second with the rest of us falling in behind. I like to say I gave the sweetest leadout ever! Thank you very much.:)

We then had a rep round - and I pulled lucky number 2 this time. Kele Murdin was obligated to take the motor but Sarah Uhl jumped on instead. As soon as the motor pulled, Sarah went to the back and then came over the top. Her speed was impressive. She easily won our round. AnaBrit lead it out - and we had some serious wind going. I remember thinking I should have jumped but didn't went I thought it - resulting in lame placement. I should never think about it - I should just do it. Otherwise, I have found out, it happens too fast and your left analyzing what went wrong.

Last we had a 60 lap points race. I got 4 points total - in the beginning. Then I had a couple of grasshopper position placements, which nearly cost me the race. But thankfully the entire group was content with just hanging out and not racing between sprints. So I climbed back on and got nipped at the line a couple times. Oh well. It was incredible to get some amazing competition and have a coach there to help me out. Thanks Kenny.

Time for bed....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Check it out - nice pics from Marcy!

Indy GP, State Crit and Beaver Creek

Finally! Internet connection. We would have connected yesterday but the airport card got ejected from Coleman. I'm now relaxing back in our room at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs. We woke up early this morning to make registration at the CVA from 8 to 9 and then roamed around to find a Mac store. The past few days have been filled with lots of travel and now it's nice to have some down time.

Friday night racing was cancelled due to some crazy thunderheads filing the sky. I was actually thankful because it gave me an extra day of down time before this week's traveling and racing. Saturday was the State Crit down in Olympia on this kick ass course that you didn't have to touch your brakes once to corner. Unfortunately my high end fitness still has a little ways to go and I got lapped. :( Out of 30+ ladies that started though I ended up 15. Not my best performance - but considering track is my focus as of now - that's quite alright. It's been one full month of training and racing - and I'm no where near my peak.

I managed to hit the hay early Saturday night - before 10 - because our flight out to Denver left at 6am. That means I woke up at the ungodly hour of 3:30. Ouch. Our cabby was playing some techno middle eastern music - blarring it actually, right into our ears. We laughed.

The bonus part about getting up that early was we avoided the crazy airport TSA insane long lines and were headed up I-70 to Beaver Creek by 11. The lines for security in the Denver Airport were wrapped all the way down into baggage claim - with over an hour wait. Ouch.

It was nice visiting the Creek - although our stay was super short. When we checked in at the gate the gatekeeper mentioned the Big Bad Voodoo Daddies were playing at the bottom of the main chair lift at 6. We took a quick nap (we, btw is referring to my mom and I) and headed up to catch some awesome swing music. A great way to end the day.

In the morning we beat feet and drove back down to the airport, picked up Kenny and then headed straight to the Springs to get some track time. Luckily the juniors were between sessions so we had ample opportunity to do some rounds. It was hot out though - 90 - and doing efforts in the heat and altitude definitely take their toll. I did a couple jumps - glancing down to catch 37 on my iBike - not too shabby. Let's just hope the legs have some speed later tonight! My favorite - the Keirin - is in store. Remember last year? Let's not go there. :)

Any hoot - back to relaxing.