Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Since the weekend seemed to pass by in a blur - I am just now remembering bits and pieces of experience that I will improve me as a rider.

For instance, in the sprints, you should be checking your left shoulder more often and if you do look right, look underneath your armpit. The attacks are always going to come from someone diving down left, to utilize the banking and gain momentum. If you are caught looking right, and that person dives, then you could be wondering how you missed the move and the race. I bet there are some mind tricks you could play to keep your brain sharp - anyone have any suggestions?

Also - if you are in front, make sure you keep the follow person's front wheel pinned, especially if they are close to you, preventing them from diving down track and getting a jump on you. Sprints are interesting - I enjoy the cat and mouse game. Having the ability to make your body instantly react is a gift - and the power that comes behind it to push through the pain and pedal stroke is completely different than endurance races. I like them, I like them a lot.

I have to say I conquered a MAJOR hurdle this past week too - the Keirin. Granted I didn't win a Keirin, but I did figure out positioning much better and my confidence is improving. Miller had a great suggestion for being in the first position - by faking an attack and getting everyone excited, and then really turning on the sprint with a few hundred meters to go. I like that one - sounds like a good bluff to me. :)

I think I hear the neglected dishes calling my name.... and the mounds of laundry pilled up to the ceiling.

Oh - one more thing. I just want to say how inspirational Jimmy was this weekend. His racing is amazing - and you can tell he's digging deep and in the hurt locker, yet amazingly can recover from it and get back in the game and score points. He lapped the field, with a couple other guys, and then continued to get points for 3rd place in the points race. What a stud. And he and Super Steve-o placed 3rd in the Madison. Way to go guys!

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Jimmy said...

Thanks for the chamois creme tip. Maybe one day I will be famous and people will give me free cremes and lotions. But, until then i will try out a tub of vaseline for mr taint.

Nice job at the AVC by the way! Alynda and I had a blast hanging out with you this weekend. We're really looking forward to the FSA grand prix.