Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rain Rain go away

It's back - and my plants are surely thankful. No worries though - it's been a while since I did an indoor roller workout and instead of having to watch the Tour on DVD I can now watch it live. Perfect!

Had an awesome track workout last night. Tamara, Christie and I worked on 2x100, 2x200 and 2x400. The last effort, the one that really counts, I poured my heart and soul into and as I approached the finish line, I could barely see straight. I had to chill out afterward and recover - nausea and thin saliva filling my mouth, heading pounding, body ready to pass out in protest. I remember just leaning over my bike and taking a few moments to recollect and convince myself I was going to live. Oh it hurts so good! I am stoked to finally workout hard again without thinking twice about my hamstring. Now it's time to get down to business in prep for nationals. Yay!

I got my new bike yesterday - STOKED!!! It's super simple and classy - one that you could hang on your wall and never lose it's charm. A few tweaks though - like getting rid of the Hairybone Fizik saddle (not so friendly on the lady parts) and some ergo roadie bars and I should be golden. I love the longer crank arms - I feel like I can get some serious leverage out of them. A few minor tweaks at the track with thanks to Woody and John and Kenny and I was up and running. Thanks guys.

I'd be curious to compare the power and speed outputs from a 165 to a 170 crank arm. Too bad my ibike crapped out on me. I didn't even use it more than a month. Apparently Alpenrose is just too bumpy for something that finicky. Actually, come to think of it, it died in Colorado Springs. Altitude? Who knows. I'm selling it. Anyone want to buy a slightly used iBike that works really really well? Ha!

Tomorrow we're off to San Jose for some more bike racing. Gotta love it! On Sunday we fly back at the butt crack of dawn for a state TT - 40k. Ouch. Should be wicked.


Jimmy said...

hey jen, take a picture of your new bike. it's good to hear that your hamstring is finally better.

good luck in san yose! go in the hurt locker but take everyone with you. make them wish they didn't sign up for the race.

Lego said...

Kick some ASS MEG!