Monday, February 28, 2005


Joyce sent out an email this morning for the rundown on Mason Lake. She didn't leave a single detail out - from getting ready Wednesday to how not to bug your teammates the hour before. I only wish that my achilles hadn't happended so I would be racing this first one. But with all things considered, I think it will be big that I am going to cheer them on.

Taking the day off - feels nice.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Spin Cycle

Ryan and I have discovered that Jazzmine, my mom's cat who we cat sit for often, is stupid. At first we didn't realize it - we just thought she was cute and cuddly. But as we spend more and more time with her, it is more apparent that she's not the sharpest pencil in the protector. But she is happy - and she doesn't claw the furniture, so no harm no foul.

This morning Kristin and I went for a nice mellow ride. The fog lifted by the end of the ride so we stopped at Starbucks in Leschi and drank some java in the sun. It felt really good. Our ride was really mellow - she's afraid of the down hill but is a natural on the uphill. I have a lot to teach her - including how to get off the bike without falling over. :)

After three days of riding, the achilles is requesting a break. Tomorrow's day off couldn't be timed any better. I am afraid with my work ethic and high pain threshold I risk over doing it - but if I play it smart and listen carefully to my body then I'll avoid additional injuries. 2 more weeks, max, of this baby shit and I'll be on my way.

Trying to locate a par of Easton Carbon Clip On Aero Bars that's compatible with my EC90 Equipe is proving difficult. I'm finding it hard to locate a shop that has it in Seattle. Most of them claim there isn't a clip on aero bar that works with the carbon bars, but Easton says otherwise. Still searching....

Saturday, February 26, 2005


It was a nice mellow ride today - with a few exceptions. The explosive power you taught me is going to blow the competition out of the water, especially at the lower level competition. I found a work buddy - Melanie - who is a strong climber (she rides 650s and is short). As long as I sit on her wheel, I can follow her up anything and we smoke past people. We're trying to work it where she sets the strong tempo up the hills and I pull her screaming downhill. I want to teach her the power stroke so she and I can just claim permanent podium status. Ha! (I know, a little cocky today.) The only difficulty is that she has a hard time getting on my wheel. I'm thinking maybe it's the 650s?

On a side note - the achilles wasn't too upset with me today. I'm glad I only rode for 2 hours - anything more may have caused issues. I'm now debating about racing next weekend. What do you think?

Friday, February 25, 2005

"Good Job!"

this guy yelled out of his car while giving me a thumbs up from as he peeled off to get on 520 East in the arboretum. I crested the hill, smiling inward and outwardly to his comment. That unsolicited compliment made my day.

I tested the legs - but was careful not to overdue it. I caught a draft behind a large man coming back from Seward- turns out he's getting ready for Chilly Hilly. It felt good, real good. My ride was short - but productive. Where's that training plan?

Tiger Balm is my hero

Sure it stinks - but if it makes it feel better then why not? I smell like a medicine cabinet.

Went for a 1.5 hour ride yesterday with Kristin - and my achilles is feeling much better! Boy am I stoked about that one. Still taking the Vitamin I - and tomorrow is day 10. Looking forward to getting off of it. I was able to maintain an average cadence of 81 - not bad with all considering. But still have a little ways to go.

You up for riding Sat?

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

On the UP

Ryan took me climbing tonight and I was able to do the same level of difficulty as before without any issues of the achilles. But that could have been masked by the friggin' pain in my back from lifting off the rocket box solo. It was ackward and bulky and I hucked it around without thinking and tweaked it. Hopefully a solid night rest will do the trick. Lord knows I don't need anymore vitamin I pumping through my body.

Tomorrow morning I'm going on a ride with Kristin - something mellow and up the Burke Gilman. She twisted my arm. Should be fun - nothing close to getting back on the bike Saturday.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Feeling Better!

So Kristin bought a bike this weekend and I promised her I would take her out to show her the basics. We headed down to Leschi to do a flat ride - and the achilles is feeling better. I went really slow - and got some blood pumping to the tendon. Afterward I felt amazing. My tendon felt fine and so I decided to go swimming later in the afternoon. Last Friday when I went swimming, my tendon was pretty tender when pushing off the end of the pool but today I was able to push off with no issues. I'm healing!!! Taking all that time off has really paid off. I am taking the week off till Sat - as you and Ryan both suggested for hopes at full recovery. My only worry is loss of fitness level. I should hopefully be able to gain that back fairly quickly and will be on the podium before I know it.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Going crazy

This nice weather is killing me. Even if it were a down pour outside I would still be down. I miss riding so much - but I know that it's the last thing I should do. The swimming pool is closed today. Lame.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Million Dollar Heartache

We went tonight to see Million Dollar Baby. I cried, hard. Ryan and I just held one another afterward in how close my life was to that movie. It makes my tear ducts well up thinking about it. It easily could have happened to me - some freak accident while in the ring. Things are so intense, going at such speed and power that all it takes is a moment.

I admire her character. Her vitality was amazing. She had such a radiance - such a will to do what her heart screamed at her to do and no one could tell her otherwise. I have felt that - it rocks you to the bone. It makes champions - but only if you are willing to risk everything. And that is not an understatement. EVERYTHING.

So for life to move on - for my coaches to move away and my desire to pursue boxing dwindled, I think I'm finally ok with that. I have always felt some regret for stopping -it consumed my world for 3 solid years. I lived it, breathed it, dreamt boxing. But seeing that movie tonight, and the very real possiblity of getting seriously injured increasing tenfold each time I stepped between the ropes..... well I am thankful. I lost some blood, but not much and I almost broke my nose, but didn't. And I most certainly did not lose my sanity, not even close. But I could taste it.

I missed the drive, the connection, the passion of a sport. For 3 years I felt lost. Until recently. I have a feeling in my gut that cycling will be my next milestone. And this time, I am not going to let go.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


I went for a 90 minute massage yesterday - it felt so good. Can't wait till the next one! Only 3 more weeks. And come to think of it, next time I go I should be completely healed. The tendon is feeling better. I am able to put a little more weight on it then before. I am doing a tad more intense accentrics and should be progressing toward single leg ones soon enough. The weather has been amazing - which really lifts the spirits. I am really looking forward to getting back on the bike again. Only 6 more days till my assessment. I'm practically counting down the minutes.

A positive spin on the old injury - my dog is getting in shape! I now have more time to devote to her walks and she's looking less like a plump piece of furniture. Soon she'll be the sexiest bitch on the block. LOL.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Dipped into the pool this morning for the first time in months. It all came back the minute my toes touched the water. I free styled for 45 minutes - taking care not to kick too violently. My achilles felt good - no pain or creaking although it is still tender. And yes, I'm taking ibuprofen three times daily. We made this awesome butternut squash lasagna last night... mmmm leftovers.

I also talked to Jill last night. She admitted feeling super intimidated with the upcoming racing season and doubts her own riding skills. I know she can ride - I've riden right next to her, behind her, in front of her, etc - but she gets this little voice of doubt whispering in her ear and one must tread lightly in what is said or catastrophy may happen. I'm trying to put a finger on it - it seems she needs constant confirmation of why she's racing. I'm finding that the best thing to do is just be supportive and possitive and she'll talk herself into that happy place. Maybe I should remind her of what she said in November for her bio: To keep from causing major pile ups. Ok, seriously, to become an upcoming and serious threat to the current field of Master’s riders.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

pep talk

thank you for that. it's just what i needed. now that what you said has sunk in, i'm going to sit back and relax and enjoy some time off. i scheduled a 90 minute massage for friday, and will chill out the rest of today. maybe i'll go swimming tomorrow - but there's no rush. deep sigh. mmmmmm......ahhhhhhhhh.

i know what i can do to kill time - imagine what it will feel like on the podium! it was nice to be reminded of my long term strategy - i seemed to have lost sight of it this past week. but there it is - bigger and clearer than ever.

word of the month: ambitious
-having a strong desire for success or achievement; requiring full use of your abilities or resources; "ambitious schedule"; "performed the most challenging task without a mistake"

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Slow and steady

I took Makiah for a walk this morning and my achilles felt better - although I have a ways to go. I'm taking it easy another day - before jumping back on the trainer. Trying to keep the chin up.

Monday, February 14, 2005

the results are in!

Well the achilles is strained but recovery will be short and sweet. As long as I do my recovery time wisely the next few weeks, I will be solid for mid March. Yeah! Erik gave me a laundry list of things to do and what not to do. The most important thing to do is not over do it. Although antsy and excited for the upcoming season, I need to relax and take things slow. Chances are I'm overtrained for the season anyway. Maybe this achilles injury was a good thing in the long run.

I can get back on the bike trainer tomorrow - without clipping in and a low cadence for about 1/2 hour. I also have some strength training for my calves and achilles. A couple of weeks and I should be good to go.

achilles injury....

I'm going to see Erik Moen today to find out how severly I may have injured my achilles tendon. Apparently this is a common injury for cyclists and can cause further complications down the line if ignored. I'm bummed. Ryan and I are quite a pair - he with his hamstring and I with my achilles. At least we are both in pain on this wonderful Valentine's day!

I have taken the last two days off. I sat on the couch, alternating every twenty minutes of freezing my heel off while reading a book. It's hard just to sit still. But I know time put in now toward recovery will speed up the healing process.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Week in review and today's ride

Had a wet but good ride this morning. Feeling strong - although my achiellleses (sp?) is sore. Perhaps I over stretched it during yoga? Lame.

Total ride time for Feb 6-12 14:51 miles 209.4
Sun 41.6 miles 2:57 avg bpm 132
Mon 24.2 miles 1:45 avg bpm 125
Tues 27.9 miles 1:59 avg bpm 141
Wed 29.1 miles 2:01 avg bpm 131
Thurs 13.1 miles :52 avg bpm 135 (sprint/interval workout)
Fri 26 miles 1:43 avg bpm 132
Sat 47.5 miles 3:30 avg bpm 129

Friday, February 11, 2005


Today it smelled like spring. I was more than content plodding along on my recovery ride and met up with a fellow from the Aurora team, who in turned hailed down Matt. The same Matt that you know and coach. Small world. Nice fellow.
The team meeting went well. We discussed various strategies - all in a whirl wind of a meeting. It was good. My Sonic anaglogy was brought up and hammered home the value of team dynamics. I think we have a solid team and will do well with one another throughout the years.


Awoke this morning to the EEERRRRNNNNNTTTT, EEERRRRNNNNNTTTT, EEERRRRNNNNNTTTT, EEERRRRNNNNNTTTT of my alarm clock. instead of doing the usual snooze, i got up and put on clothes for yoga. in a daze, i drove through the fog to the studio and woke my body up through deep breathing and stretching. i only hacked once - although it was extremely juicy. when is this nonsense going to leave my body?

tonight is our team meeting - although i do have my doubts about it going according to plan. remember last time? an email was sent out at 3 and only melanie showed up so we persisted to drink a bottle of wine between the two of us and ham it up. a little more notice would be nice....

riding today - what else would i do? the weather is nice and my body is managing low aerobic activity with no waverings at all. 20 more minutes and i'm out of here and into the fresh air.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Still feeling it...

Went down to Golden Gardens for the weekly sprint drill solo since Ryan is under the weather. My first form sprint was into the wind and I immediately realized that I am still recovering from being ill. I only completed 4 sprints because my body was screaming at me to stop pushing it. This crud is still infecting my body and I hope I don't relapse. I will be pounding the fluids this evening and dedicate my morning yoga practice to a healthy body.

Still feeling it...

Went to Golden Gardens for some form sprints. This was a true test to see if my body is back to normal - and the result - negative. The crud is still in my lungs and legs... I only did 4 sprints, as after the last one I felt as though my lungs would fall apart. I came home, got warm and promptly took a two hour nap. I hope this isn't a sign that I'm relapsing. Tonight I shall pound fluids and pray for the best.


I feel so bad for getting Josh, Molly and Ryan sick. And come to find out, I may have infected Kristin too! Sheesh. How to make it up to them all? Then this morning come to find out that my Ryan has a sore throat. Sucks. I wonder how Cam and Roanne are doing...

Woke up with a little tension in my core from power yoga yesterday morning. Feels good to have sore muscles again. Nice ride yesterday - the sun was out and shining on the Olympics. I went weight training this morning and doing sprints this afternoon. Tomorrow is our rescheduled team meeting. Hopefully it's a go this time....

While watching the Sonics win over New Orleans the other night, I had to admire their team huddle after the game. Apparently this has been happening since the beginning of the season and they have not missed a huddle since. Seems like this has something to do with their winning streak and team participation. I may sugggest we do something like this at our team meeting.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Feeling better!

Finally - a good night's rest and back to the normal routine in the mornings! I am stoked. The cough is almost gone. I was a little sore today in the glutes from yesterday's output. It feels good and it's been awhile since I've been sore. Going for a two hour ride today in the sunshine... looking forward to it as always.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Trying to make sense of it all....

(This was an email I sent Joyce when she expressed serious concern over not being prepared for the upcoming season...)

Regarding your training... As you said, race season is the quickest and surest way to get in great physical shape. Really what's important is your mental toughness. That's what it comes down to in the end - who wants to win more. I experienced this in boxing - and although I didn't have the lowest body fat, or the thickest abs, I knew deep down I wanted it more. I trained like I wanted it more. Sure I made mistakes along the way, which in boxing means a loss of brain cells. But suddenly my jabs and right crosses connected when I wanted them to. That kind of mental toughness is lethal. It knocks people out of competitions. You find out who the true contenders are. And most importantly you learn where you can improve.

When mental strength and physical power coexist in perfect harmony you become unbeatable. When you put your mind to the test, your body obediently follows (hopefully). If it doesn't, then you train more. But one thing remains constant, regardless or training methods, periodization, etc etc... you also have to foster mental strength. One trick that helps me is to keep a journal. I've kept one in all of the sports I've participated in. The most valuable is the boxing one - and I will continue to draw from those experiences for many years to come. From what I understand - you have lots of experiences too... not only from cycling but mountaineering and the dozens of other sports you've played. So when that little voice of doubt creeps into your conscious you can pull from your moments of triumph and persevere.

It's nice knowing that something can challenge you so much - not only physically but mentally. It makes you feel alive and not some cog in the machine. I can't imagine life without knowing it - although scary and daunting at times, I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Put in a great showing for 2 hours - a hour of which was spent in tempo. It felt really good to get my heart rate up there for a long period of time. I took the fenders off my Kona and was zipping around on it today.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Nice day

Absolutely gorgeous today, especially compared to yesterday. Had a nice mellow, but longer than intended, ride today. Still dealing with a juicy hack.

Check this out:

Click on 71 for available colors and you'll see what I'm talking about.... I think I also saw the helmet.

Team Compliment

From an email by Joyce:

I was going to say this on Friday, but I just can't wait! I'm so amazed by you and really proud to be a part of this team. When I am on the team rides, I feel like each of you ride better than some Cat 2 women (and a few men) that I race against. You are smooth and really strong! Also, I feel like there is a great sense of "team," and I'm so impressed with the way that each of you has dedicated yourselves to getting to know one another and working w/ & trusting each other. Think back to our first meeting in December and now think about how far you've come in your training and how far we've come as a team. Lastly, I want each of you to be confident about your abilities going into the season - every single one of you is ready, whether you feel like it or not, to race and be competitive locally. I have no doubt that we will be a team first, and the results are going to very quickly follow. All of the components are in place, we just need the season to begin!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Drizzle Whizzle Sizzle

WET ride today. Managed to put in a solid 3 hours despite the 1/2" of downpour. I sang to myself to pass the drudgery. Only saw a few other cyclists who share my insanity.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Back in the saddle

Ahhhh... there's nothing like taking a couple of days off the bike and then getting back to it. I felt normal for the first half of the long ride - but then tappered off. Luckily the rest of the group was game for a mellow ride. I didn't sleep too well last night - stinkin' hacking. I'm going to try and get a nap in today before the Hockey game. Ride possibly tomorrow morning with Joyce.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Feeling better!

Although hard to do, taking yesterday off really helped. I am starting to feel better - although now stuffy - my cough is getting juicer. Ha! I am on the upswing of kicking this stinkin' cold. I will go for a walk on my bike today to get some blood pumping and help drain some snot. Yummy!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Groundhogs Day

Unfortunately I did not make it on a ride yesterday, despite the awesome weather. I really wanted to but my body was yearning for rest. My cough has developed into either allergies or a head cold - I'm trying frantically to surpress my coughing with medicine. I didn't sleep well last night - woke up every 4 hours to a coughing fit, only to down more Robotessin. I feel a little medicine-heady today and am contemplating sprints. As hard as it may be for me - I think I need to take the day off again. I hate getting sick. I really, really hate getting sick. (Part of me thinks, I'm fine! I can still exercise and the fresh air will do me good! Then I panic and think, if I don't rest then I may never get better. The wierd part is that I feel 95% - its just this stinkin' cough that's killing me.)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Beautiful day...

It was super nice outside. Although tempting, I did not repeat my previous mistake and under dress. Did the south end loop and home before sunset. Working on cornering and keeping my inside leg tighter to my top tube. I would also to work on cadence - my average is 80.