Thursday, February 03, 2005

Groundhogs Day

Unfortunately I did not make it on a ride yesterday, despite the awesome weather. I really wanted to but my body was yearning for rest. My cough has developed into either allergies or a head cold - I'm trying frantically to surpress my coughing with medicine. I didn't sleep well last night - woke up every 4 hours to a coughing fit, only to down more Robotessin. I feel a little medicine-heady today and am contemplating sprints. As hard as it may be for me - I think I need to take the day off again. I hate getting sick. I really, really hate getting sick. (Part of me thinks, I'm fine! I can still exercise and the fresh air will do me good! Then I panic and think, if I don't rest then I may never get better. The wierd part is that I feel 95% - its just this stinkin' cough that's killing me.)

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