Friday, February 11, 2005


Awoke this morning to the EEERRRRNNNNNTTTT, EEERRRRNNNNNTTTT, EEERRRRNNNNNTTTT, EEERRRRNNNNNTTTT of my alarm clock. instead of doing the usual snooze, i got up and put on clothes for yoga. in a daze, i drove through the fog to the studio and woke my body up through deep breathing and stretching. i only hacked once - although it was extremely juicy. when is this nonsense going to leave my body?

tonight is our team meeting - although i do have my doubts about it going according to plan. remember last time? an email was sent out at 3 and only melanie showed up so we persisted to drink a bottle of wine between the two of us and ham it up. a little more notice would be nice....

riding today - what else would i do? the weather is nice and my body is managing low aerobic activity with no waverings at all. 20 more minutes and i'm out of here and into the fresh air.

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