Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Feeling Better!

So Kristin bought a bike this weekend and I promised her I would take her out to show her the basics. We headed down to Leschi to do a flat ride - and the achilles is feeling better. I went really slow - and got some blood pumping to the tendon. Afterward I felt amazing. My tendon felt fine and so I decided to go swimming later in the afternoon. Last Friday when I went swimming, my tendon was pretty tender when pushing off the end of the pool but today I was able to push off with no issues. I'm healing!!! Taking all that time off has really paid off. I am taking the week off till Sat - as you and Ryan both suggested for hopes at full recovery. My only worry is loss of fitness level. I should hopefully be able to gain that back fairly quickly and will be on the podium before I know it.

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Coach said...

very glad to hear the tendon is on the up. Don't worry about losing fitness, you will gain whatever is gone back quickly. Just stick with your recovery plan and you will be back throttling on the bike in no time