Saturday, February 26, 2005


It was a nice mellow ride today - with a few exceptions. The explosive power you taught me is going to blow the competition out of the water, especially at the lower level competition. I found a work buddy - Melanie - who is a strong climber (she rides 650s and is short). As long as I sit on her wheel, I can follow her up anything and we smoke past people. We're trying to work it where she sets the strong tempo up the hills and I pull her screaming downhill. I want to teach her the power stroke so she and I can just claim permanent podium status. Ha! (I know, a little cocky today.) The only difficulty is that she has a hard time getting on my wheel. I'm thinking maybe it's the 650s?

On a side note - the achilles wasn't too upset with me today. I'm glad I only rode for 2 hours - anything more may have caused issues. I'm now debating about racing next weekend. What do you think?

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