Sunday, February 27, 2005

Spin Cycle

Ryan and I have discovered that Jazzmine, my mom's cat who we cat sit for often, is stupid. At first we didn't realize it - we just thought she was cute and cuddly. But as we spend more and more time with her, it is more apparent that she's not the sharpest pencil in the protector. But she is happy - and she doesn't claw the furniture, so no harm no foul.

This morning Kristin and I went for a nice mellow ride. The fog lifted by the end of the ride so we stopped at Starbucks in Leschi and drank some java in the sun. It felt really good. Our ride was really mellow - she's afraid of the down hill but is a natural on the uphill. I have a lot to teach her - including how to get off the bike without falling over. :)

After three days of riding, the achilles is requesting a break. Tomorrow's day off couldn't be timed any better. I am afraid with my work ethic and high pain threshold I risk over doing it - but if I play it smart and listen carefully to my body then I'll avoid additional injuries. 2 more weeks, max, of this baby shit and I'll be on my way.

Trying to locate a par of Easton Carbon Clip On Aero Bars that's compatible with my EC90 Equipe is proving difficult. I'm finding it hard to locate a shop that has it in Seattle. Most of them claim there isn't a clip on aero bar that works with the carbon bars, but Easton says otherwise. Still searching....

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