Sunday, July 29, 2007


I woke up Friday thinking fast thoughts and laid in bed rehearsing a smooth start and even tempo for the pursuit.

The night before, Ryan and I were headed out for a short easy spin to Magnolia and as we were going up the first hill toward Discovery Park, my rear wheel blew a spoke. It immediately threw it out of true - luckily Ryan was game to rush back to the house and pick me up in Ballard. So I walked my bike, slung over my shoulder since the rear wheel was out of commission, and walked barefoot through the locks since I had just replaced my cleats an hour earlier. I definitely got quite a few odd looks from all the tourists. I decided right then and there to take that situation and apply it toward the pursuit the following afternoon.

Anne-brit and Conan arrived at the airport just as I got picked up by Ryan so it was a mad dash to Seatac. We immediately started laughing - and didn't stop the entire time they were here! What great company.

Conan helped me with my splits. I'm such a rookie. I had no idea what real time I could do or should aim for - so when he asked me what time I wanted to do - I hesitantly replied, a 4:10. He did the calculations and told me I should do around a 33 second lap. The gun went off, I had a slower than normal start (21 seconds to the 200m) but then was able to hold 32 second laps - and start having negative splits! The bike felt good - the seat a gem - the gear perfect and the cranks were just right. I was able to wind up the last lap and held it at 30 seconds. Total time - 4:08.44. Not bad! And enough to win gold and qualify for nationals!!!!

I was so elated. Still am, actually.

Later that night we had a points race - 8x5. With two Aussies in the bunch, and several national caliber racers, the pace was high and the sprints an all out slug fest. Miraculously I managed two 1st place sprints, and one second. If only I had contested each sprint - I would have placed higher on the podium. But 3rd? I'll take that no problem! Liz, Annette and Karen all had great races too.

The next day my legs felt like garbage. We didn't get home and in bed until 2am Friday night and luckily I decided not to do the sprints. But instead of being able to sleep in, I was completely amped up. I was able to repay Rick for his incredible host housing duties in San Jose and showed him Pikes market and the Olympic Sculpture park. If you're ever in town - I'm more than happy to be a tour guide! We walked around quite a bit - and then I came home and crashed for two hours.

I rode the moto out to the track since Ab and C took all the gear earlier. The ladies had a miss n' out and scratch race to complete. Ab did awesome - bronze medalist. My legs felt trashed in the miss n' out and to save them, I just motored at the front of the group and held it steady. The surges can kill the legs sometimes! I nearly made the final - but was too tired to give it any more effort and dropped out in 4th place.

The scratch race was fast and fun - a great way to conclude the weekend. I got boxed in at the final lap - and was able to come out enough for a 5th place finish. Annette rocked it into 3rd - not a bad showing for Avanti this weekend!

Now I'm pooped and taking a serious rest week. It feels amazing to relax.

Hope you had a good weekend too!

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Gilby said...

Great job! I'm so impressed/amused that you pulled off such a great time without even practicing splits! That is awesome.

It was a really fun event, even if I did get my butt kicked--but I was there to learn, and boy did I ever!