Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Indy GP, State Crit and Beaver Creek

Finally! Internet connection. We would have connected yesterday but the airport card got ejected from Coleman. I'm now relaxing back in our room at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs. We woke up early this morning to make registration at the CVA from 8 to 9 and then roamed around to find a Mac store. The past few days have been filled with lots of travel and now it's nice to have some down time.

Friday night racing was cancelled due to some crazy thunderheads filing the sky. I was actually thankful because it gave me an extra day of down time before this week's traveling and racing. Saturday was the State Crit down in Olympia on this kick ass course that you didn't have to touch your brakes once to corner. Unfortunately my high end fitness still has a little ways to go and I got lapped. :( Out of 30+ ladies that started though I ended up 15. Not my best performance - but considering track is my focus as of now - that's quite alright. It's been one full month of training and racing - and I'm no where near my peak.

I managed to hit the hay early Saturday night - before 10 - because our flight out to Denver left at 6am. That means I woke up at the ungodly hour of 3:30. Ouch. Our cabby was playing some techno middle eastern music - blarring it actually, right into our ears. We laughed.

The bonus part about getting up that early was we avoided the crazy airport TSA insane long lines and were headed up I-70 to Beaver Creek by 11. The lines for security in the Denver Airport were wrapped all the way down into baggage claim - with over an hour wait. Ouch.

It was nice visiting the Creek - although our stay was super short. When we checked in at the gate the gatekeeper mentioned the Big Bad Voodoo Daddies were playing at the bottom of the main chair lift at 6. We took a quick nap (we, btw is referring to my mom and I) and headed up to catch some awesome swing music. A great way to end the day.

In the morning we beat feet and drove back down to the airport, picked up Kenny and then headed straight to the Springs to get some track time. Luckily the juniors were between sessions so we had ample opportunity to do some rounds. It was hot out though - 90 - and doing efforts in the heat and altitude definitely take their toll. I did a couple jumps - glancing down to catch 37 on my iBike - not too shabby. Let's just hope the legs have some speed later tonight! My favorite - the Keirin - is in store. Remember last year? Let's not go there. :)

Any hoot - back to relaxing.

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