Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting Ready

What a whirl wind the past couple days have been. My bro and family are in town to complete a painting project - and brought Coleman and Laurel with them. Coleman is difficult if he's not 100% occupied and has a lot of energy to burn. My mom claims he's worse than my brother was - although I don't know if I believe that. George was a holy terror and cut off my hair when we were kids.

This weekend is the FSA GP - hopefully the weather holds out. We've had the wettest July on record so far - thankfully we missed last weekend's drizzle while down in San Jose.

What's up with the Tour this year? Crazy, yo.

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STOKED I AM said...

For all your out-of-town readers, I hate to say this and ruin our soggy Seattle image, but I think it's been, like, the 12th wettest July on record. There have been 6 days with rain out of 27. There was more rainfall in July 1999. And that was less than 1.25 inches; think how much rain they get in a single thunderstorm back east in July!