Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Between thundershowers, hail storms, Tornado warnings...

Somewhere in between all of the mayhem, I actually got to do some racing today! Yesterday we were completely rained out and told to evacuate the track for fear of a severe thunderstorm ripping through the Springs. In a way I was thankful - but that meant putting all of the racing stacked into today.

The keirin went much better for me today - I didn't get DQ'd. Yay! And I pulled the number one position, again, of course, and managed to get on the motor in the first 1/4 lap! Success! I was so concentrated on that I kind of paniced - now what? I lead the entire race out - and Carrie Higgins made a sweet move over the top and advanced to the final. Monique Sullivan, a bad ass Canadian young girl, placed second with the rest of us falling in behind. I like to say I gave the sweetest leadout ever! Thank you very much.:)

We then had a rep round - and I pulled lucky number 2 this time. Kele Murdin was obligated to take the motor but Sarah Uhl jumped on instead. As soon as the motor pulled, Sarah went to the back and then came over the top. Her speed was impressive. She easily won our round. AnaBrit lead it out - and we had some serious wind going. I remember thinking I should have jumped but didn't went I thought it - resulting in lame placement. I should never think about it - I should just do it. Otherwise, I have found out, it happens too fast and your left analyzing what went wrong.

Last we had a 60 lap points race. I got 4 points total - in the beginning. Then I had a couple of grasshopper position placements, which nearly cost me the race. But thankfully the entire group was content with just hanging out and not racing between sprints. So I climbed back on and got nipped at the line a couple times. Oh well. It was incredible to get some amazing competition and have a coach there to help me out. Thanks Kenny.

Time for bed....

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