Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The sun's back

I think I watched that shoe video 5 times yesterday and every time I laughed harder and harder. Ryan and I were talking about it and we both think women understand the humor a little bit more then men, unless you're talking about a metro sexual.

So the 40k TT did some permanent damage to my soft tissue. I won't go into detail but let's just say I can barely ride right now.

We went to another awesome restaurant last night in celebration of my mom's birthday. I'd tell you which one it is but then I'd have to kill you. :) The resturant is small - but they recently expanded. We tried to go there for Ryan's birthday but they were remodeling. The meal started off with some market fresh beets, goat cheese and candied walnut salad drizzled in olive oil over a bed of mixed bitter greens. They accompanied the salad with slices of walnut bread and olive oil with infused carrots, onions and fennel. Each of us ordered a different main course - Mom had ribeye, Ryan had Duck Confit and I had scallops and shrimp. The ribeye was super tasty - with a wine reduction sauce cooked into the steak over a bed of fingerling potatoes and a side of green beans. Ryan's duck came with a cherry reduction on the side and the duck was moist and lip smacking good. My "surf and surf" came with perfectly cooked scallops (cooked on the outside but tender goodness on the inside) with a tomatilla avocado dip and fresh red salsa with huge golf prawns and a side of green beans. Yum. For desert we had a light creme delight - I forget the name. It was marshmallow in texture but light and sweet like creme brulee. They served it with a raspberry, black berry and a raspberry/orange sauce. The perfect way to finish off the meal and stuff us to the gills.

Anyone have a birthday coming up and want to go out to dinner somewhere new and exciting? I'm always game to try new food....

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Beth said...

Hi Jen-I found your blog- this is Beth who briefly met you in San Jose this past weekend.

Just wanted to say a big THANKS for coming down and racing at our track. It was so cool to have such a large women's field and be racing against so many national class, FAST women! Good luck to you the remainder of the season and hopefully I'll see you next year at our AVC!