Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Still fighting

this persistent cold that I've had for about three weeks now. I just can't seem to kick it. Maybe it's part allergies - maybe my body is trying to tell me something - whatever the case may be - this has got to stop soon!

The weather is awesome out right now. Perfect conditions for track practice. I also heard from my teammates and we're trying to get a game plan going for our upcoming racing. Looks like we're going to do more stage races. Fun times!

I had a great spin last night with the NWWC ladies. One woman showed up who was honest saying that she has no intention of racing but was looking for additional groups to ride with. She said she's done lots of Cascade group rides etc. I admire her enthusiasm - but it brought up a question in my head whether or not to start including the recreational rider. It's a slow and social pace - but I like to teach people about bike handling, race tactics, etc and if they won't listen to the information being passed on.... I might run into problems there.

I'd hate to turn anyone down but I think at the same time I have to be honest about why I'm there and leading the group - I want to help grow a sport that I feel passionette about. Recreational riding is great - and I applaud everyone who gets on their bikes. And I don't want to discrimate against anyone who loves pedaling too - it's just my motivation is different from the average rec rider. And I think that's an most important thing to convey right off the bat.

Hmmmm.... I just thought of something.... maybe at the beginning of the ride I can tell everyone that this is a great introduction for someone interested in racing - whether that be to race themselves or to support the community. Ask any questions - and hopefully I can answer them! I talked to my mom about it and she said it will probably resolve itself.

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