Wednesday, May 31, 2006

blogger down!

Unfortunately I am not going to recreate my super long boring post from yesterday that got lost in blog land cyber space. Sorry.

So while I've been pedaling in circles around the track, my younger sister has been having the time of her life in NZ. She's a recent grad from Brooke's institute of Photography and has some amazing photos. She traveled to Australia to see about a boy and is coming home at the end of June. Yeah! But who knows where she'll land. She's trying to get her career going - and that might take her to odd spots of the country... like Dallas Texas. I wish her the best of luck - especially there! :) If you have a minute check her site out....

Training is going well. Emily came out with me to Fast Track last night. GREAT workout. Except when we were doing our second warm up paceline (10 @ 23mph, 10@ 25mph, 5@ 28mph, and 5 @ 30mph)... guess who had to pull the first lap at 30 mph? Moi. And right after that I was shelled. I caught back on though and used my sewing machine legs to ease back into the pace. Then we did some mini jumps with Miller, Woody and Randy. We got up to 38mph - and being in a small gear (49x16) means my cadence was at least 150. That's what I'm talking about. Some serious leg speed. The first Friday night track racing starts this Friday. I'm going to race with the fellas because although $35 per race would be nice to take home, a medal at nationals would be priceless.

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