Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekend Review

This weekend Ryan and I headed up to Bellingham to hang out with family and friends. We stayed at his mom's house and she cooked this amazing corned beef and cabbage meal - traditional Irish style. It was amazing. Later that night we went out with Josh and Camille to Clark's point and watched the sunset. It made me realize how much I miss Bellingham.

Later that night we ended up at this Irish pub and ran into Erin, Tyson's step sis. She invited us to a family BBQ where Ty would be - Ryan was stoked to be able to see his best friend. It's been nearly 5 years since they last saw one another. Tyson now has a 4 year old and is looking good. It was fun to see him. Tamara was there too - and she seems to be getting along just fine. She is such a sweet lady - tormented by drugs unfortunately. But she's been sober for 6 months so she's doing well. Their son is beautiful and a spitting image of Tamara.

The next morning we woke up and had some corned beef hash - yum - then headed up to Galbreth Mountain with Josh for some wet and wild mud feast mtn. biking. I giggled like a little girl. I was only thrown from my bike twice - and avoided any serioius bruising. It was cool to see how many people ride their bikes in the Ham.

Later that night we went to a ski to sea party and watched yet another gorgeous sunset. I miss watching it dip out of view over Bellingham Bay. And listening to the train toot it's horn as it passes through town. I met one of Molly's coworkers - small world.

It was nice being off the bike for the weekend. Although I was feeling a little guilty at first. But now that I'm back into training and motivated - I feel awesome and excited to race again. Miller and I went for a three hour tour yesterday - and it felt good to get a little intensity in. Tonight is fast track - saweet.

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