Sunday, May 07, 2006

Champions are made a day at a time

My whole body is throbbing right now. Especially the ball of my feet for some reason. And then there's the lingering pain of hunched up shoulders - relax. Breath - ahhhhh I'm okay now. I don't have to think of my bike for just shy of 23 hours. Thank goodness - today was a mental test. And guess what? I passed! 90 miles in zone 2. It took me just shy of 6 hours - and a lunch break inbetween. I went out to West Seattle and found some kick ass back roads - but then detoured back towards Seattle once the rain set in. Amazingly I didn't get drizzled on once today! I managed to avoid it for all 90 miles even though the weather report stated otherwise and all the surrounding areas looked like they were being dumped on this morning.

One older gentleman on the trail today asked where I was going to parachute from - I must have looked like the hunch back from Notre Dame - I had everything I could possible need with me and you could tell. Luckily I didn't need any of it. Turns out this older guy met Mike Miller earlier this week - and was looking how to get in touch with him. I gave him Ryan's website to try...small world.

I'm pooped - nothing like a full day in the saddle after some hardcore racing to do you in. I'm just shy of 300 miles for the week.

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