Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rest Days

Ahhhh - there's nothing like three rest days in a row.

Monday I did a short spin with Eden and got to remind a road raged driver of RCW code 46 - riders are legal riding two abreast. (This guy pulled over, admitted he rides 9,000 miles a year with his buddies at 5:30am to avoid traffic and apparently nothing pisses him off more than when riders are two abreast in the arb. I happily reminded him to Share the Road and that we're protected by law. He should know that rule if he's pedaling that much. What a wierdo.)

Tuesday I headed to Fast Track and only did about 27 minutes of workout - the legs were just not feeling it. Then we went out to sushi afterward to celebrate Miller's birthday.

And today I woke up early with some extra energy and started right away on yard work. I was out mowing the lawn by 8am this morning! And I plan on power washing during the afternoon. It's nice to have a mental and physical break from the constant stream of training. JIll and I are planning on attending the Ride of Silence tonight to pay tribute to cyclists killed by motorists. It's an effort to bring awareness to riders and cyclists alike to share the road and make it safe for everyone.

My body finally feels like it's recovered. The CLAW's this weekend - should be fun!


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