Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TT action and dodging the rain clouds

I managed to avoid any serious thundershowers today and headed up North to Juanita for some shallow side hill repeats on Anna Belle. It feels good getting used to that position - and I think I can even get more aggressive in stance. On my climbs I concentrated on relaxing the upper body and not gripping my bars at all. It felt great - and then on my third repeat I discovered I had a rear flat. It took me a little longer than usual because the tires are new and not as stretched out... for some reason I always struggle with getting the tire back on the rim. Swearing usually does the trick.

Decending in a TT position is a little freaky at first. It feels like you are out of control completely - but if you glide into your turns and relax you can haul ass.

Flat #2 hit me about .15 miles from my house. I rode it out until the hill to my house and walked the rest of the way. I'll have to fix that flat before I go out again. The roads were super dirty from all of the rain we've been having. Lots of glass and debri. (sp?)

oh - and I figured out a trick to my bike. I have rear dropouts on the P2C and often I would stand up to get some power out and would pull the wheel to the non-drive side. This happened over and over again. Finally I got smart and changed my quick release skewer to the opposite side and viola! No more issues. You have to be really careful about rubbing the rear wheel on the frame - it doesn't have much clearance and things could get ugly really fast.

Other than that - I've been making cycling plans for the summer. I'm headed to Colorado for the Independence GP and then Portland for the AVC. Shortly followed by Superweek in Milwaukee with the girls. And then later in the summer headed down to LA for Manhattan Beach and again in October for Nationals. Saweet. Should be fun!!

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