Thursday, May 11, 2006

I hope it's broken!

Childish rant - yeah, I know. But really - what else was I supposed to say? I mean she wasn't remorsefull or anything. I keep waiting to see her pass by my office window. Any minute now she should be headed out. Unless of course, she did break her bike?

I dropped my excited husband off along with his climbing buddies last night at the airport. They were taking the red eye to Kentucky for a week long rock climbing trip.

So what's Kentucky famous for? Horses, moonshine and that's about it. At least that's all according to Kyle, who did grow up there.

I head out to Wenatchee tomorrow for the state omnium SR. I'm looking forward to. My Kona Kona is being built up today - so I'll get to rock the TT with it. Plus the weather is supposed to be amazing - upper 70s Sat and 80s on Sunday. That'll make for a hot road race. FUN!!!

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