Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Taking a header

Some woman just head on collided with me on the trail by the canal. It's the same woman I've been watching travel back and forth on the trail for the past few weeks. She has this bright yellow road bike and her seat is far too low. I noticed her going back and forth like a hamster on a wheel - and often wondered why she doesn't venture further on the Burke.

Well today I found out why. As I was going home from work, traveling no more than 12 mph... I slowed as I passed a man walking on the left. I stayed far right. And just as I was about to go up the ramp, the woman on the yellow bike appeared out of no where and didn't vere to miss me - instead butted me head on. Then she yelled at me in a foreign language. I stood there in disbelief - that a) I just had a head on with another biker and b) no damage was done. She immediately tried to pedal away.. but her chain fell off and she didn't know how to fix it. I told her, "you're supposed to stay right." But I don't think she understood.

The man walking said, "what are the odds of that happening?" and continued walking.

I started up the ramp and heard her still struggling with her bike. To which I responded, "I hope it's broken."

Shaken up from the whole obsurdity of it all, I am finally calming down 20 minutes later.

What possessed me to comment like that? Weird. Oh well. No harm done.

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