Friday, May 05, 2006

Doin' the duty

Ahhh spring weather. Guess what that means? Yard work. And not just any yard work - but jungle maintenance. Every spring the yard has to be whacked back down to size and the deck needs power washing. I'm procrastinating on the later - only because then I'll have to stain the back deck. And when it's this gorgeous out - the last thing I want to do is yard work. But that means being outside - so it's not a wasted day.

Training's been going well. I connected with Emily yesterday - it was really good to see her. She's getting thin - she commented that nothing really sounds good to eat any more - except Muffins. And I was more than happy to treat her to one. We cruised down to West Seattle - and hit just about every pot hole on the way down there. She's been exercising like a mad woman - which is such a healthy way to get the emotions and drama out of the body. We also talked about starting boxing practice. I think we'll get together sometime this next week and I'm going to show her a trick or two. Miller was into it too - so it looks like I might get an upper body afterall! Sweet. I'm looking forward to throwing some punches - it's been a while.

Amara posted some photos - and as you can tell I had NO smiles going on. It was all business - but I had a blast. Why is racing so appealing? Is it the addictive endorphine high? The rock solid body? The way you can consume everything in sight and not feel an ounce of guilt for eating it?

Oh yeah - our schedule - looks like the team is doing Elkhorn SR, Superweek, Boise, Cascade?, Manhattan Beach and whatever else comes up on the schedule. Not to mention track season - sweet.

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