Saturday, April 29, 2006

First Friday Night

So Walla Walla truly lit a fire under my butt and got me stoked on racing again and pushing myself to new limits. Last night that was evident. Marymoor had it's first Friday Night racing and I raced in the B category up against a men's field. We started with a scratch race - 10 laps and I was able to pull third. Little Ryan Miller and I worked together - it's nice to have even more teammates out there! I placed third in the scratch race. Then we had a 10 lap tempo - those hurt. I suppose they throw them in the preseason agenda to get the lungs and legs opened up. Hyun and this other guy from Wines ended up scoring the majority of the points - but eventually we caught up to them and I was able to get enough points to place me in 4th. Last we did a 4x5 points race and they combined our field with the A's. Miller helped me out - I sat on his wheel for the majority of the race and he bridged the gap to a lead break containing Grant, Woody, the Wines guy, Taylor, Miller and myself. It was awesome. I think I pulled 4th in that race too - placing me in 2nd for the B's omnium. Not too shabby. I was so excited to be on my bike again - and I really do enjoy riding with the boys. I only got yelled at once by Woody - but apparently that's normal. If you're not getting yelled at then you're doing something wrong. :)

I was undergeared for the night to get the legs used to leg speed and accelerations (50x16) - and was able to put the hurt on. It felt really good. The only downfall is that half way through the race I started getting a sore throat which stayed with me over night. I was going on a long ride outside today - but it started raining so it looks like rollers for me and staying warm and dry inside. Tomorrow is the Seward Park crit - should be fun!

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