Monday, April 10, 2006

Brad Lewis died yesterday

Even as I type just that sentence, grief overwhelms me and the thought of Emily being alone sends sadness deep into my heart. They were in love - and not just on the surface - but a deep, all encompassing-I'm-going-to-grow-old-with-you love. A friendship of the most sincere and amazing kind - gone in an instant. I shake my head constantly in disbelief.

The fact that a very healthy 37 year old male who cycled everyday - raced on the weekends, ate right, lived a non stressful life, loved dearly and touched so many people in uncountable ways ... WHY? My heart goes out to Emily and all of his family members - and all of his friends.

When something so devastating happens - it makes you realize those petty things you fret about and quarrels you have are so not worth it. In a moment all you knew could be gone. I called my brother last night to make ammends and let him know how much I love him. Ryan and I just held each other last night - lost for words -scarred at the mere thought of having our lives ripped apart in an instant when it's our time. I talked to my mom - who is wise beyond words and her strength helped to ground me as it always does. It is so tragic that he died - how he died - when he died. Poor Emily.

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