Friday, April 28, 2006

sorting through saddles

So I think you shouldn't skimp on buying a saddle. I mean, it's one of the point of contacts on your bike besides your handle bars and pedals - and really, it contains the most important parts of your body - the reproductive system. So if you have to spend some extra cash on a seat that will releave your saddle sores and squooshy areas - then spend the extra money and do it. But there's only one problem - there are a million saddles and a million shapes. And spending extra cash on a saddle doesn't guarentee the proper fit. And unfortunatley what might work for one person will not work for another.

With that being said - I'm on a saddle hunt. Since I ride and race a lot - finding this uber amazing saddle is important - and the longer it takes the more frantic I get in finding the perfect saddle.

Enter in a women's forum.... team estrogen. I started reading a 4 page article about how amazing the Selle SMP Trek Ladies specific saddle is. Immediately I was drawn to it because one woman boasted of not being pinched in the squooshy area any more - and was just getting used to being on her sit bones again. I was intreguied so I ordered one online. It's on its way. Check it out - it may revolutionize seats....

So I'm going to give it a try. I also just spent some cash on a Terry saddle - the men's version of the Fly. I did a ride yesterday and it squooshed my toosh. But to make sure I give it a proper test I'll try it again this weekend.

Here's to eliminating saddle sores! (My only hesitation is that the women's version may be too wide.... and the men's version jumps a couple hundred bucks .... but like I said - if it works then it's worth the cashola.) Peas.

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