Tuesday, April 18, 2006

soft fruit

season is almost here. That means warmer weather, tasty breakfasts, fruit salads with nectarines, local strawberries, BLUEBERRIES, etc. I am so excited for this foul weather to be OVER.

I think I'm in a cycling plateau right now. I started thinking about it yesterday while I was on Mercer doing laps on the rollers. It seems as though I'm going stronger - but I don't feel as though I'm getting stronger. I have somehow hit a wall - and I think it's a mental break through that has to happen. I can feel it coming - and am trying some new techniques of thinking about what is hurting (quads for example) and putting it in a pants pocket... and working on getting that pocket smaller and smaller. This week has taken a toll on me - with Brad passing away and trying to maintain my strength. I need to have some FUN.

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