Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Catching up

So it seems as though I haven't put in the same amount of time or effort into my blog lately. And quite honestly, last week was really hard. But it seems as though I am getting used to my routine again - and putting in the seriously focused miles in preparation for the upcoming season.

I am a little disappointed with my lack of success lately - and can only use it as a learning experience. Having something happen - on an emotional level - can take more of a toll on the training then something physical. I guess that's because up until this point in my life, I've only had minor emotional drama happen in my life - and when something hits home, such as my grandmother, shortly followed by Brad's death ... I suppose it's time to take a break for those things too. In the whirlwind we call life, you can forget to take care of yourself. I guess in a way I did just that.

Things are starting to calm down now. Brad's funeral was Monday, the weather has finally started to get nice and my grandmother seems to be getting along taking care of herself. Ryan has been super supportive throughout this whole process - but I'm thinking that he and I need to spend some weekend time together in the near future. I miss him!

On a side note - the other day I was doing some interval work out on Mercer and couldn't help but feel down on myself. TST was pathetic - granted the weather was shit - but I could've pushed more. That was supposed to be one of my peak races. Ryan and I were talking about it and he said one major difference between this year and last was the sheer number of races I was doing. Last year I raced my brains out - and this year I'm targeting specific races. Then when those races come and I don't do so well - I get down on myself for it. Maybe this is where my inexperience comes into play. Maybe it would be smarter to race more - and target specific races next year. I'm going to bounce that idea off Miller and see what he says.

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