Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Learning to listen to yourself

is really important. I've been learning the importance of checking in with my own body the past week - and it's still telling me to chill out. Today I went for a longer ride - I have had 2 recovery days in a row - so I thought I could go a little longer and see how things go. Well my body told me it still needs a little bit more time to chill out. I strolled along the south end of Lake Washington - being passed by the spring fliers.... and before I knew it put in a three hour ride. How did that happen? Actually in my own defense - it usually takes me about 2.5 hours to do that same route. All I could think over and over in my head, "you have to go slower to go faster"..... and when I found myself tempted by picking it up a couple clicks - I lectured myself.

Tomorrow is my fast day - I get to work on leg speed and power. I'm doing 4-5 sprint repeats at Vo2 max, 1:1 for a minute. That is of course I can still put out the watts for that many repeats. The minute I see a dip in power - I stop and head home.

My sleep is much better - I'm having dreams again! Ryan's been wanting to go to bed earlier so he can get up - which only means more hours for me. I got 9 in last night! Plus I have been craving sweets - which can mean only one thing. Yep - sucks being a woman.

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