Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Memorial Vigil

Last night recycled cycles had a memorial vigil at 8pm for Brad. Over 100 people gathered - all touched in some way by Brad throughout his life. Emily showed up too - she is so damn strong. Seeing the amount of people and love hopefully comforted her in some small way. Ryan and I were able to give her a hug - and she held on for a while. It was good to see her - knowing that physically she's still standing and somehow learning to cope. We all walked around the block in his memory and stopped near where he rest. Lots of flowers, candles and other tributes were put near his site. One guy even took the chain off of his bike and wrapped it around the tree.

I couldn't help but have the memories of yesterday flood into my brain - hearing Em's cries, disbelief, the scream of the sirens. Only to realize the spot where people stopped was 15 feet north of the actual location.

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