Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Smell of Spring

I got a big dose of it this morning on my way to work. After exchanging a saddle up at Performance, I took the long way to work - north along Lake Union, with the window rolled down. It put an immediate smile on my face - thinking about warmth to come and flip flop days - not to mention working on my already imbalanced cycling tan. The preseason Friday night starts up tomorrow - and boy am I excited to be on my bike again racing.

I poached some photos from Amara's web site - a little reinactment from last weekend. As you can tell, it was more business than the previous Independence RR - and I didn't have as big of a smile on my face. And even though I don't show one on the inside my heart is soaring because I was in the midst of doing something I LOVE.

Okay - well maybe I had one smile - but this was after I finished the Road Race. noc

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