Thursday, April 13, 2006

Looking at the bright side....

This week has been rough. The weekend's tragic event has left me emotionally drained. Plus I think I'm fighting a chest cold - evident by my persistent cough and sinus pressure headaches. But it will and is getting better.

All week I haven't felt like coming into work. I find it hard to motivate to do anything really. My energy levels are low and motivation lacking. But I still have managed to get on the bike and put in the training miles. I'm just not sure how effective they are when you're mind isn't in it. I'm actually serious contemplating taking the night off. But that won't do me a lick of good for the race this weekend. I just want to feel normal again - and have things become happier. I tried listening to music while riding to distract myself from sad thoughts and it seems like certain songs just make me melt into a puddle of tears. My appetite is supressed - which normal I would be eating like a horse. I suppose this is normal.

Enough of the self pity! Wallowing in my saddness is not going to make it better. Celebrating his life is what will. At least he was living in the moment doing something he enjoys when it happened. May we all be that lucky! Time to snap out of this funk and focus on the positive message - live life to the fullest! I found a pic I saved of Em and Brad from Friday night track racing. It makes me smile. I'll see if I can figure out how to attach it.

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