Saturday, March 25, 2006

what to do, what to do, what to do

Today's race was - interesting. It's a new course out of Rochester, Wa with some rolling hills and two climbs. The first is about 1 k - 7-9% gradient and not too bad. You can pretty much power up it without feeling too tapped. The second hill is a kicker - 1/2 k at a 10-12% grade. It killed me. It was as though I threw out an anchor and said bombs away! Next thing I know I was kicked out the back gasping for air to catch back and and never quite made it. I ended up hooking up with Taylor and Michelle from Ti Cylces and trying to chase the main group. We were unsuccessful. Taylor ended up pulling off after about 6 miles and threw up on the side of the road. She wasn't feeling good before the race and was sick on Tuesday - and unfortunatley the intensity killed her. Michelle and I ended up finishing the race and getting Wa cup points - both dumbfounded that we were dumped off from the pack so quickly.

I think my training in Honolulu was a little too intense and I didn't recover adequately from it. All of those sprints - the stops and goes then the hill climbing - just took its toll. So when it came time to shove - I had nothing to give. A little frustrating. But I learned my lesson.

But wait! That isn't it at all! Well - it might have something to do with my lack luster performance. But another part - which Miller pointed out to me - is that I was in Zone 6 for about an hour prior to the second hill climb. So when it was time to push up the hill - I had no recovery in the legs and nothing to give. My mind was screaming at my body to go faster but I ignored its warning signs prior to the hill. I pushed too hard and didn't fully utilize the rest positions during the rotating paceline and climbing just a little so I could hang but not push the big wattage up the hill. The surges are what tax the legs - and they were surged out. Lesson learned. :)

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