Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I often wonder if anyone out there reads my random blog anymore. No comments... did I completely unable them? Crazy.

Did some hill repeats on the Pali this afternoon. It felt good to get the heartrate going. It's super muggy today. George left to head home - he was pissed because the manapua store was closed today. He didnt' need 3 dozen anyway. His waist will thank them!

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majikmojo said...

Yes, someone does have a look at your blog from time to time. Me. I find it a pleasant read as your live the fun of discovering bicycle racing. It reminds me of my early racing days.

One thing has concerned me, however. Don't you ever train with others? I do not recall you very often writing about group training rides. I occasionally see you write about things in a way that says no one is offering you experienced racers' advice.

For example, even Lance would never have used full disk wheels in an 18 mph wind. You even said yourself there were a couple of scary moments. You do not wish those at all.

Let me pass along something Eddy Merckx once told me, after a nice complimentary 30 mph ride on his wheel and behind his motorpacer. He said you cannot hope to win if you do not finish the race. That is, do not take chances that might place you entirely out of the running. And in using disk wheels in a high wind, that is what you are doing. And that is also why you never saw Lance or any other Motorola/Postal/Discovery riders doing it. Finishing even 10th is better than not finishing at all.

So discovering that at least one old racer reads your blog, feel all better now? BTW, I trust your grandmother is better. Oh, one more thing, I do admire your dedication. You train in weather I avoided even when I was serious.

But once again, and I may be forgetting you already do, find some gritty old racer and sit on their wheel for a few thousand miles. Find a nice Cat. 2 that doesn't mind a training partner that is up and coming. Or, maybe a training partner for those longer miles and easier days.

Most sincerely,