Friday, March 24, 2006

Back in the saddle

It feels good to be home. Ryan and I were able to spend just under 24 hours together and we're back into the routine - he goes climbing for the weekend and I go race. Luckily I have an afternoon race - this jet lag is tiring! I'm already looking forward to bed.

Did a hour today with a couple of jumps. The body is feeling strong - and I'm looking forward to getting some intensity under the belt tomorrow. I'm debating the Roubaix race on Sunday - it sounds brutal. But I could use my old training wheels and let the gravel wreck havoc on them rather than my nice wheels.

On a side note - apparently I pissed my brother off while he was in the islands. I don't think he was expecting to have such a mellow time with Gam - his only experiences over there have been for vacation - not to nurse someone. I might have gotten on his case with his over eatting issue - reciprocating the brutal love he instilled on me when I was young and had a weight problem. I remember him putting me down and saying some nasty things. And I hope and pray that I didn't make him hurt in the same way. But I did let him know that eatting 4 manapuas (white dough with salty pork inside - approximately 900 calories each) was not good for him. I told him I was saying something out of love and that I want him around a while and in good health. He didn't want to hear that.

So again, I go into a race without a clear head. Last time I had inner turmoil was when Joyce and I blew up. I have learned though that I am able to block out all those inner and outer demons and just race. Not to say that I strive for drama - because that's the last thing I want. Hopefully George and I will get to talk tonight.

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