Sunday, March 26, 2006

I went for a mellow recovery ride today - the first one I've had in over two weeks. It felt really good to chill out. Miller surprised me this morning with a phone call and that he was willing to go on a ride - so we headed out to do the North end with a short stop in Kirkland. It was a social hour for him - he saw about 10 people he knew. It was funny.

We had a good talk - about training and how we both need to communicate to one another more than what's been going on. I admitted not wanting to call him too much - he has to have a life, right? He said that's not the case - I should call whenever I have a question. And he also said his athletes don't understand just how excited he is about their progress - something I didn't give much thought to before. We are now realigned with goals/coach/athlete relationship and should get things dialed back in. I'm releaved. Now I can just focus on winning some races. :0)

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