Saturday, March 04, 2006

Do you ever have the feeling like you're hungry but nothing really sounds good? Pizza - usually.... nah, pasta... nah, burritos.... mmmm maybe..... homemade one though and right now my legs are a wee bit heavy.

The race this morning went well. My fitness is a lot better than before - but I botched the final sprint. Actually I got boxed in and by the time I reved the engine up it was finished. But it's cool - it was a training race regardless. Now I just have to work on moving up in the field during the finish and not getting boxed in. Maybe next time I'll do some bumping. I'm happy with my performance - top 10.... could have been better but it's a training race and only that... no money to be had and its a great chance to scope out the competition. I bet Leif is just dying right now! The 1/2 men field had to do 72 miles - luckily it's absolutely gorgeous out right now.

All in all the race was good. mason is funny - it doesn't seem like the attacks ever go anywhere. There's usually just too big of a head wind. In retrospect - I might have gone a little easier on the risers. I would stand up and grind through them - causing the latic acid to build up in the legs and making recovery a little longer than it needed to be. I felt good though - the base miles are definitely paying dividends. Hopefully there's enough of them built up that recovery will be excellent. Actually - come to think of it... day two of high intensity typically is stronger for me. Tomorrow will tell though.

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