Thursday, March 23, 2006


Thank you for your comment/compliments. I appreciate them. I will shut up now about seeing if anyone reads my blog anymore. That one should last me for a year or so.

My grandmother is doing much better. I leave today for home and my mom comes back from Australia to figure out some long term care for her. We spent some meaningful time on the beach yesterday - talking about life and how important it is to take care of your body. She's in the recovery phase and working on physical therapy.... and she has a hard time with not seeing overnight results. As a 4 time right knee surgery veteran I was able to pass on my wisdom that the end result takes time and patience, not to mention dedication to get there. I think she understood what I was saying.

As far as training with other people - yes, I know that's one weakness I have. During the winter it was difficult to find someone who had the time to train as well as the will to train in our weather. But I'm sure they're out there. That saying haunts me from boxing ... "Someone is out there training harder than you and when you meet them in competition they will beat you." That's all I have to think about that keeps me going in less than ideal training conditions. I know, it's sick. And believe it or not - I do have a coach who was a junior phenomeneneon (sp?!) and with the little bit of hands on that I get from him I get alot. But it's been a while ----- and he's way past due for a training ride with me. :) Still - I need to find a core group to train with and push me outside of my comfort zone.

So in the meantime - I'm thinking of doing some traveling this summer to some bigger races and get some more experience. I hear Superweek is a great experience - and I will get to some NRC races. And track season is just around the corner - where I'll be taking it up a notch and racing with the men.

It is pouring down rain right now. We're taking full on monsoon style. I can't believe the island hasn't washed away. Amazing. I wish you could hear it.

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majikmojo said...

There really is someone out there training when you fear there is. Your fears are not unfounded. For example, my training partner and I went out at 11 PM one day last week for a 35 mile training ride. Yes, that's eleven o'clock at night. We got back in around 12:30 or so. (He's a major motor. I just sit on his wheel.)

However, we did laugh at the surprise other might have when we seem somehow able to keep up. After all, they did not see us during that day's usual training ride. Nor did they see us when we trained at 10 or 11 PM a couple of other times.

So yes, take Satchel Paige's advice and don't look back. Those people training at midnight on dark country roads just might be gaining on you . {smile}