Friday, March 03, 2006

Doubley Sure

I just laid out all of my race clothing for tomorrows test. Okay - so I may have gotten a little out of control. I mean, how many hats will I need? I packed my rain hat, my cold hat and my not so cold hat. Then I packed my leg warmers, knee warmers, two shorts ... one might be too cold. I went out the other day in just one pair and nearly froze my toosh off! But realistically... I'll be warmer than usual with the intensity increased - but who knows... maybe my fitness is so much greater that the field will freeze me to death. We'll see. I'm curious to see how my teammates are doing... I know Amara raced last weekend but I haven't really heard the details of that. And Taylor - not sure what she's been up to at all. But we shall see! Hopefully we will all work together during the races and make some amazing impact. We'll be the local hit squad. Fabulous.

In preparation for the racing I detailed my bike and dusted off my sweet sounding DT Swiss Rims. They actually feel quite a bit faster than my other wheels - or maybe it's because I reserve them for special race times. Whatever it is - may they bring me through the finish line safe and rubber side down. (And of course FIRST!) :)

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