Tuesday, March 07, 2006

spring showers bring may flowers!

I checked the weather early this morning and according to their guestimate the morning was going to be better than the afternoon. I jumped at the chance to avoid the 40 degree driving rain and hail - but within 20 minutes of hopping on the saddle it started to come down. I figured, I'm headed out anyway so why not go super late to work .... you never know what the afternoon will hold weather wise. Especially considering how freaked out the meterologists are right now about what's in store for the PNW.

I was headed to do 3 hill repeats in the big chainring - grinding on the knees. It started to really rain when I hit Bothel and then continued to come down for the remainder of my hill efforts. I took off my fenders for race season and my ass got soaked. It was okay cruising up hill but the downhill was CHILLY... and then I had to ride home an hour and twenty minutes.

As soon as I got to work the rain stopped - it looked like it was going to be nice. And then this HUGE rain cloud came and dumped off enough rain to flood the streets. Phew - am I glad I went this morning or what?!

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