Thursday, March 09, 2006

The training must go on!

Despite the blistery winter weather enveloping the PNW. They closed the 520 bridge yesterday due to high winds... it was so stormy that I dared not risk going outside to deminish my love for pedaling. Instead I stayed inside where it was warm and dry, popped in the 2004 Tour and spun away 60 miles with a 30 minute LT effort. Lance, Jan and Ivan never cease to amaze me. Those guys rock.

My fitness is coming along - the longer 60 + mile rides are no longer as taxing and it doesn't take me as long to recover. Part of it is probably due to diet and hydration - something I am a firm believer in. It's Thurday already which means tonight I make sure all of my race clothing is ready for a weekend of wet cold riding.... snow showers are threatening on Saturday at Mason but we should have clear skies on Sunday.

Ryan watched me churn out some wattage last night on the trainer and commented on how even my pedal stroke is. I can't beleive how far it's come in one year! Amazing.

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