Tuesday, March 28, 2006

understanding power

Miller had me do a test yesterday to try and figure out my power thresholds. We will look over the data tonight and be able to start focusing on power rather than heart rate or perceived exertion.

Now that I've had a couple of days to chill out and process what happened at the race on Saturday I'm starting to realize just how much I love this sport. I'm constantly learning from it - both physically and mentally - and figuring out how to avoid mistakes from happening again. There's truly nothing like experience. I'm back in research mode trying to find out more about it. One thing's for sure - you can't rush it. You have to let things take their natural course. Prime example - training. Although I feel like I did a lot of training this winter - it's nothing compared to what I will do to it next winter - or the winter after that. Miller refers to it as the Eddie Meryx approach. Thankfully I was blessed with a body that can take more training than the average woman. I can subject myself to more training - and do well. And two things are going for me this season - I'm fast and tough. Now if I can just work on the climbing and tt'ing. :) Crit season is beginning in two weeks - now that gets me amped.

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