Friday, March 10, 2006

Family Emergency

I got a call last night from my mom in Australia saying that my grandmother is in the hospital. Upon calling her back I found out they think she had a mini-stroke although preliminary tests are not revealing what actually happened. I worried through the night as my uncle flew from Kona to Honolulu to see if he could find out what's going on. He and the family are leaving today for the east coast for Kim's father's wake and my mom won't be back through HNL till the end of the month. Since I"m the closest and available relative, I booked a flight this morning for tomorrow and will return in two weeks. They don't know if they will release her yet - but it's best to have someone there with her when they do so she has some assistance at home. She lives by herself in the Pali and is 90 years old. It's truely amazing she's made it this long without assistance in her daily activities - but I think it's time.

I'll be missing some early season races - but should be able to stay fit while over there. The Pali has some excellent climbs and I should be able to wander all over the neighborhoods in search of elevation. The island is in flash flood warning mode - so hopefully the rain will stop eventually. Most important though - I hope my grandmother is ok.

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