Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feeling loved

I woke up early this morning for no particular reason. Last nights
delicious dinner at zoe's with my family still lingers on my breath.
We tasted it all and then enjoyed Marcy's legendary homemade apple
pie, baked especially for yours truly. There's no doubt what I'll be
having for breakfast.

I personally love birthdays, always have. I like having mine and I
love celebrating friends and family's. What better way to celebrate
one of the true gifts we are given - life - then by eating cake,
opening thoughtful gifts and cards and taking the time to let that
person know they are in your heart? Baking with love certainly
enhances the process.

Last year I decided to share my love of birthdays with 100 of my
friends. Keg stands, bourbon sips (or chugs!), lots of tasty food
(thanks Danielle!), and a band, the Tall Boys played in my living
room. It was a blast. my floors were dirty! (a perfect hangover remedy
though - the elbow grease manual labor burnt off most of the ipa and

This year is a little more low key but the spirit of celebration is
still there. Even at 5am, a big smile spreads across my face because i
know more then anything, I feel loved. Thank you to all who are in my
life and love to share laughs, snorts, belly aches and silliness. I am
forever grateful for your priceless relationships and look forward to
baking many more three-layered-chocolate-
cakes for you.


Dave said...

Happy birthday old lady! You will never expire like all of those coupons do today. Audrey misses you and looks forward to seeing you soon. We are going to Elemental tonight so wish us luck.


nyc!!nyc!!!!! kip it up!!