Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Little pockets of blue sky and sun on the Olympics did wonders for my motivation to get going this morning. Blinds drawn, cuddling with my pooch (who is guilt tripping me by having Kyle and Laura watch her over the weekend) I admit hitting the snooze bar at least once this morning, which rolled into me being late into work later.

This week is all about getting strong. I'm throwing around some heavy boulders and making a lot of grunting noises. Not only do I get to wear muscle shirts and tight shorts, but I also intimidate everybody by blowing out hot air pssssst noises during every rep. Let me tell you - the gym is PACKED in the morning. A total of four people were there this morning.

During my early morning roller spin, I heard the Cascades got 20" of snow yesterday. 20 inches! Temps are way colder than average this time of year - hovering around 43 compared to a normal 55. And this is all anyone can talk about. Amanda was at the front desk of SM&B and told me we may see sun on Friday. My response: that's a week away!

Thankfully the sun continues to poke out through the clouds making the spring colors pop outside my office window along the canal. They should rephrase that saying "March and April showers bring May flowers!"

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