Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love/Hate Relationships

I have a love/hate relationship with rest weeks.

On Monday, I thought "thank God! I was about to implode!" Both body and mind were tired - from the back to back to back large volume weeks of training. Individually they are completely doable - 20 hours spread over 7 days is easily achievable. But consecutive 20 hour weeks stacked one right after the other adds up. Their cumulative effect is huge - you have to break the body and mind down to make it stronger.

After the first day: "I wish this was a two week long rest week."
After the second day: "Wow - I'm catching up on my sleep!"
After the third day: "I miss my bike."
After the fourth day: "I'm going CRAZY! I need to get my heart rate up! It's sunny out, I want to ride my bike. I HATE the couch!"

Then, and only once you've reached that tipping point, must you take one more day off - completely - before the training resumes.

But if you do it right - and truly rest - this valuable time will pay HUGE dividends later. So quiet down the social calendar, eat good foods, take lots of naps, dive into a book or two, and chill. Your body and mind will thank you and your competition will not.

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Michelle Stiles said...

it is so effing hard!