Friday, April 08, 2011

I wonder.

A big sense of needing change overwhelmed me today.

One of those, I have to do something IMMEDIATELY to gain some sort of sanity, some sort of inner peace.

I suppose last night's dream might have had something to do with it. My dream was so vivid and so real it woke me up at 2:15am. I should have written it down right then there: the who, what, when and where. The why? Well that usually reveals itself at a later time.

What I will say is this: it involved an unexpected passing of a younger female presence. I wish I could recall the details - for they are often clues to my dream's meanings. And as wacky as this sounds, for some reason or another my dreams show foresight into what becomes reality. But hours later, I woke up feeling instead a sense of urgency to make sure I'm living a life exactly how I want to be. The time is now.

It leaves me wondering why these feelings cloud my consciousness and why I have these crazy dreams.

I wonder.

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