Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I just realized - I haven't baked a single batch of cookies this year. And the scale proves it - weighing in lighter then ever prior to butt-slimming intervals. But my mouth waters and taste buds yearn for Michelle's Snickerdoodles.

I mean seriously. Check these bad boys out.

I can afford a cookie on a three-a-day workout, right? But there are mountains to climb and a stage race looming in the future... maybe after I climb them, I'll reward myself. One month. Cookie free.

I sense a binge coming on.


Michelle Stiles said...

You are too sweet! Thank you! You are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

AHHH cookies! I have to completely cut out all goodies like that from my life! As long as they are not in my kitchen cupboard, I do pretty alright! Sometimes.. I get those intense cravings, and look around my kitchen for 30 minutes trying to find anything related to a treat.. and always realize my search is pointless.. and end up eating fruit or carrots. I def think the reward program is good though! After hard training.. a little muffin (or big muffin) = mmmmmmmm yumm! Love reading your blog btw!