Saturday, April 30, 2011

Accomplishing what you put your mind to.

Well the weekend is certainly off to a good start. Friday night I met up with Jennie at Bastille in Ballard for happy hour and we polished off some curry mussels and French fries. We chatted for several hours and parted ways - just in time for sushi in Fremont with my sister and her beau Sam. And after consuming roll after tasty roll, we walked across the street and had pie for desert! You can get a pie fix up to 2am on a weekend night - just what the center of the universe needs.

Mmmm, pie.

This morning I was up long before my alarm, ready to head to the gym to get my body fat tested. And since my numbers came in a little lower then expected, I treated myself with a roasted chicken, roasted parsnips, and large salad. I am stoked and a little surprised that I reduced my percentage by four points since my last weigh in. Maybe I'll have more pie tonight?

Jennie poked a little fun at me actually - for wanting to keep track of my body fat and weight. Her reasoning? You are what you are and if by reaching some magic number on the scale you feel more empowered and can suddenly do more, then go for it. But to her it's silly to put such stock in a number. I did have to laugh at myself - and I suppose it's a cross over from boxing and being obsessed with numbers. But hey, I'll go into tomorrows race with a tad more confidence that focusing and working on something can and does produce results. And that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

It's Saturday night and my belly is full and body relaxed after a fun mountain bike session this afternoon with Michelle and Danielle. We hit up the trails at Tokul and I hooped and hollered down the roller coaster ride called Flotron - the best trail in Western Washington. That single track had me grinning from ear to ear and I can not wait to run it again and again. And again.

On tap for tomorrow - Washington state road race championship in Elma, WA (near Olympia). Should be another sweet day on the bike. Oh and it's supposed to be sunny. Double win!

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